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  • Lots Starting at $39,900
  • Parkview Lots
  • Condo/Duplex Lots in 3rd Addition
  • Rochester Schools
  • Springfield CWLP - City Water and City Sewer
  • Ameren Gas and Electric
  • Adjacent to new community park

Contact information for the Oak Mill's Home Owner's Association : oakmillestates@hotmail.com

Basic Architectural Covenants:

1) The elevation views of dwelling units that face public streets will be constructed of some brick or stone veneer.

2) The front yard area, including the boulevard and the side yard area to the back building line of the dwelling unit will be landscaped with grass sod.

3) All driveways from the public streets to the garages of the dwelling units will be Portland cement concrete or exposed aggregate concrete.

4) All dwelling units shall have attached garages.

5) Construction Plans for dwelling units must be approved by the Architectural Committee prior to commencement of construction.

6) The minimum floor area of a single level dwelling unit shall be 1700 square feet.

7) The minimum floor area of a two level dwelling shall be 2000 square feet.

8) The minimum floor area of a duplex dwelling shall be 1200 square feet per unit.

9) The minimum side yard dimension shall be 10 feet.

10) The minimum front yard dimension shall be 30 feet.

11) The roof shall have a minimum slope of six (6) vertical feet for each twelve (12) horizontal feet.

Click here for full architectural covenants.